CB Potts Fort Collins [CO] is Vegan Friendly

by CB. Potts Restaurant and Brewery
Address: 1427 W. Elizabeth St.
Ft. Collins, CO, 80521
Phone: (970) 221-1139
Email: Klombardi@cbpotts.com
URL: http://www.cbpotts.com/
Checked by: Jay Miller
Double checked by: JM
Added: about 7 years ago

Company Email: April 2011
"Currently every one of the beers on at the two Ft Collins Locations are Vegan friendly. For the most part this is always the case for these locations, but feel free to contact me directly at the email below if you ever have a question.
This is not the case for the other Colorado locations as they use isinglass for clarification in some of their products.
Buttface Amber
Colorado Blonde
Big Horn Hefeweizen
Total Disorder Porter
Big Red IPA
Pavlov's Pilsener
Barefoot Wit
71 Pale Ale"

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