Bianca Red Rye IPA is Vegan Friendly

by Bianca Road Brew Co.
Address: 19 Pages Walk
Bermondsey, SE1 4SB
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Added: 9 months ago

Company email (May 2018)

"A customer of mine just informed me about Barnivore and I was hoping that it might be possible to list our products as they are all vegan.

Also, all our our spent grains are collected and turned in natural fertilisers(Bio Collectors) and our electricity supply is renewable (Bulb Energy).

If you are interested in listing our products, they include:

American Pale Ale 4.6% ABV
Long Play IPA (Session IPA) 3.6% ABV
Lager 4.8% ABV
Red Rye IPA 6.0% ABV
TripiCali (Tropical IPA) 5.3% ABV
LA Bloods (Blood Orange IPA) 4.5% ABV
Vanilla Coffee Porter 4.5% ABV"

Other products by Bianca Road Brew Co.: