Fjäderholmarnas Libertas IPA is Vegan Friendly

by Fjäderholmarnas Bryggeri
Address: Box 17022
10462 Stockholm
Checked by: Marietta
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Added: about 2 years ago

Company email (March 2018)

"Most of our beers, and the beer we sell at Systembolaget (swedish monopoly for alcohol) are totally free from animal ingredients. We do have exceptions where we use Honey (a type of mead-beer) and a Lactose Milk Stout but both these two are specifically brewed for 2 different restaurants and are served at those locations only. We might do some small batches that we sell in our Brewpub during the summer that contains for example Honey or Lactose but that would be clearly written on the menus.

All the beers with our brand are brewed in our brewery and we don’t do license brewing. We have done one collaborations where the brewery in questions used Spindasol which contains gelatin, but that beer was, as stated above, only sold in our brewpub and nowhere else."

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