Moustache Brewing In the Not too Distant Future is Vegan Friendly

by Moustache Brewing Co.
Address: 400 Hallett Ave., Suite A
Riverhead, New York, 11901
Phone: (631) 591-3250
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Added: over 2 years ago

Company email (December 2017)
"As of right now (12/28/17), all of our beers are vegan friendly execpt for:

- Milk + Honey (contains honey and lactose)

- Patsy Rides Again (contains lactose)

- 2015 Seasonal Creep (contains lactose, all future batches of Seasonal Creep no longer contain lactose, but if we choose to change that, it will be clearly stated on the bottle)

- Terre au Verre (contains honey)"

Company email (October 2014):
"Yes all of our beers are are vegan, with the exception of our milk & honey brown ale, which contains lactose and honey. Anytime we use any non-traditional ingredients (aside from hops, grain, yeast) we always notate them as well as anything non-vegan/vegetarian or allergens. Everything we use for clarification is vegan as well. We have lots of vegan friends and customers are are very senstivie to making sure everything is clearly noted if it is not! Hope this helps!
All of our beers are also gluten removed as well (although they have not yet been lab tested)"

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