Potbelly Twinwood (bottles) is Vegan Friendly

by Potbelly Brewery
Address: 25-31 Durban Road
Kettering, Northants, NN16 0JA
Phone: 01536 410 818
Email: http://www.potbelly-brewery.co.uk/xyz.php
URL: http://www.potbelly-brewery.co.uk/
Checked by: Bones
Double checked by: Brian
Added: 12 months ago

Company email (December 2017)
"Potbelly Brewery Limited beers DO NOT contain any animal ingredients (such as milk, eggs, honey, etc).

"However Potbelly Brewery Limited beers DO contain isinglass (Kompactikleer 230A (25kg)).

"Also NONE of our products are manufactured or bottled elsewhere.

"We are however working alongside someone and are hoping to be using mushrooms instead of isinglass sometime in 2018 making all our beers VEGAN friendly.

"All are bottled beer has been finely filtered and suitable for vegetarians.
Hence the V logo!!!!!

"If we omit the isinglass for cask the beer remains cloudy so it puts people off drinking it.

[isinglass] is NOT used in bottles only cask!"

Company email (October 2012):
"Yes we do use isinglass."

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