Genny Light is Vegan Friendly

by Genesee Brewery
Address: 445 Saint Paul St
Rochester, NY, 14605
Phone: 585-263-9446
Checked by: Phil
Double checked by: Ron
Added: about 8 years ago

[Editor's note] Changed from High Falls Brewing Co back to Genesee Brewery in 2009.

Company email:
"The information on the barnivore website is not correct. We do not use isinglass in any of our products. Our beers are produced with water, malted barley, yeast and hops. Some of our products also contain cereal adjuncts such as corn grits or corn syrup. All of these products qualify as vegan friendly. We also produce Dundee Honey Brown. This product does contain Manitoba White Clover honey. Some vegan organizations such as the Vegan Society and the American Vegan Society do not consider honey suitable, other vegan organizations such as Vegan Action and Vegan Outreach regard honey consumption as a matter of personal choice."

Company email:
Thanks for taking the time to contact High Falls Brewing Company. We appreciate your interest in our brands. We have a wide variety of brands, of course our Honey Brown Lager uses Honey and we do use isinglass on some brands but not all. No egg, dairy. [ed: does anyone want to find out which ones are vegan?]

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