Hakutsuru Excellent Sake is Vegan Friendly

by Hakutsuru Sake
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Email: info@hakutsuru-america.com
URL: http://www.hakutsuru-sake.com
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Company email (April 2013):
"Of course our organic junmai is brewed in the same manner same as other our products. So organic junmai is vegan-friendly."

Company email:
We are pleased to inform you that the following Sakes are "vegan-friendly" in which we do not use any animal foods in any processes;

Hakutsuru Excellent Sake
Hakutsuru Excellent Sake Tanrei Junmai
Hakutsuru Draft Sake
Hakutsuru SAYURI Coarse-filtered Sake

Meanwhile, the following sakes and Plum Wine in our products are not "vegan-friendly" because we use a kind of lacto sugar in their brewing process;

Superior Junmai Ginjo
Premium Junmai Dai Ginjo "SHO-UNE"
Plum Wine

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