Oakshire Ambe is Vegan Friendly

by Oakshire Brewing Company
Address: 1055 Madera St.
Eugene, OR, 97402
Phone: 541.868.5159
Email: erielhoffmeier@gmail.com
URL: www.oakbrew.com
Checked by: Brian
Double checked by: Amanda
Added: over 7 years ago

A reader notes (May 2016) that the Cucumber Sour Berliner Weisse contains yogourt (as stated at http://www.wweek.com/bars/beer/2016/02/23/4-cucumber-sour-berliner-weisse-by-oakshire/)

Note from Amanda: Sept 2010
"I called Oakshire Brewery 541-688-4555 and the purveyor said that none of the beer uses animal products whatsoever nor filtered now. He also cautioned me that if they start making a lager that it will not be vegan. Sad, but true."

Company Email: June 2010
"Currently our year round beers Watershed IPA, Oakshire Amber, Overcast Espresso Stout are all animal ingredient free. Our summer seasonal Line Dry Rye does indeed contain buckwheat and blackberry honey and should be excluded from your vegan-friendly directory. "

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