First Chop Red is Vegan Friendly

by First Chop Brewing Arm
Address: Unit 3 Trinity Row
Trinity Way, Salford, M3 5EN
Phone: 07970 241398
Checked by: Liam
Double checked by: Steve
Added: about 3 years ago

From their website (, retrieved July 2017)

"The other major news is that ALL our beers are now fully vegan and gluten free. We’ve had such a phenomenal response to the GF bottles and cans that we’ve ran with it right across the board and decided to stop fining the casks. This will make for a little more natural haze in the beer but it can be enjoyed by all with no imprint on the moral compass."

Company email (September 2015)

"Our cask beer contains isinglass finings.. So no go for vegans - I am happy to supply it unfined to order tho. Our bottled and keg beers are just water malt hops and yeast - cold conditioned and filtered. So totally vegan"

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