Carr Taylor Carr Taylor Bacchus is Unknown

by Carr Taylor Wines Limited
Address: Wheel Ln, Westfield
Hastings, TN35 4SG
Phone: 01424 752501
Fax: 01424 751716
Checked by: Wayne
Double checked by:
Added: about 2 years ago

Wayne notes (May 2017)
"I recently contacted Carr Taylor Wines pointing out that their mead is listed as being suitable for vegans yet it contains honey. I also queried the vegan status of their other wines marked sfv. This is reply I received - 'my daughter is vegan and she drinks it. She says a bee isn't an animal and if it wasn't for our 40 acres of vineyards there would be even less bees.' A later message stated 'we use clay to clarify the wines as do most progressive winemakers these days.'"

[We've marked the non-meads as unknown, because who knows what they've decided is vegan.]

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