Indslev Frederiks Påske is Vegan Friendly

by Ugly Duck Brewing Co.
Address: Store Landevej 13
5580 Nr. Åby
Phone: +45 6444 1507
Fax: +45 6444 1557
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Company email (March 2017)
"I had confirmation that [the Imperial Vaniall Coffee Porter] is all vegan, including the coffee and vanilla powder.

Two new beers from Ugly Duck have been bottled: Ugly Duck Simcoe & Chinook IPA (placement after Amarillo & Citra) and Ugly Duck HøjSaison Imperial Saison (placement after Golden Eye). They are both clear as the rest of the Ugly Ducks.

We also have a selection of 12 Indslev beers and 2 Ølgaard beers. They are only for sale in Denmark, but I would love to have them included on Barnivore (for the Danish users).

They are:

Indslev Hvid
Indslev Frokost Hvede
Indslev Svane Hvede (Organic)
Indslev Hvede I.P.A.
Indslev Mørk Hvede (Organic)
Indslev Spelt Bock
Indslev Hvede Bock
Indslev Sort Hvede
Indslev Frederiks Påske
Indslev Påske Hvede
Indslev Frederiks Jul
Indslev Jule Hvede
Ølgaard Pilsner (Organic)
Ølgaard Classic (Organic)

Ups - forgot to inform about the Ugly Duck/De Molen Nothing But Trouble Imp. Stout. All 7 different barrel aged versions are [vegan] as well."

Company email (February 2017)

"Our products are not particularly different from your average beer, but all have only vegetarian ingredients - water, yeast, hops and malts. One has coffee and vanilla powder (Imp. Vanilla Coffee Porter), one has orange peel (Hoppy Christmas), and perhaps a Milk Stout with lactose is on it´s way. In the processing we use ProtaFloc, based on seaweed."

Other products by Ugly Duck Brewing Co.: