Three Olives Tequila is Vegan Friendly

by Proximo Spirits
Address: 2 Park Avenue
Manhasset, NY, 11030
Phone: 1-800-TEQUILA (837-8452)
Checked by: Jesper
Double checked by: Lauren, Hana
Added: over 5 years ago

Company email (September 2013) re: Stranahan's Colorado Whiskey
"Our whiskey is vegan. The only ingredients used to produce it are barley, water, yeast, American white oak, and the time that it takes the whiskey to age. We do not use DE or any other animal-based filtration media and all of our whiskey is produced in-house, grain to bottle."

Company email (May 2012):
"Stranahan's doesn't contain any animal ingredients, or use any animal products in its production. It is and has always been made at our distillery in Denver from start to finish!"

Company email:
"Thank you for your interest in Proximo Spirits! ALL of our products are vegan!"

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