Union Radler Red Orange is Not Vegan Friendly

by Union Brewery
Address: Pivovarna Union d.d., Ljubljana
Pivovarni, 1000 Ljubljana
Phone: +386 (0) 1 471 72 17 (central switchboard)
Email: info@pivo-union.si
URL: http://www.pivo-union.si/
Checked by: Enola
Double checked by: Neja
Added: over 1 year ago

Neja notes (February 2017):
"All of them are vegan, except "Radler red orange" which contains carmine as a red dye."

Note from Enola (circa 2012):
"I asked Slovenian Union Brewery which of their products are suitable for vegans, and they responded that all of their products are vegan, that they use kieselgur and PVPP and that they don't use ingredients such as isinglass. I asked in Croatian, and they responded in a mix of Croatian and Slovenian languages, so I don't know how translators will treat this"

Company Email:
"Svi naši proizvodi primerni su za vegane. Kod filtracije piva koristimo samo kiselgur i sredstva na osnovu PVPP - smanjenje polifenola i silikata - stabilizacija bjelančevina. Sredstva kao isinglass (iz ribjih mehura) kod nas se ne upotrebljavaju."

Barnivore reader Blaz translated this for us!

"All of our products are suitable for vegans. For filtration of beer we use only kiselgur and products based on PVPP - for reducing polyfenols and silicates - stabilization of protein. We do not use products as Isinglass (derived from fish bladders)."

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