Honey Wheat is Not Vegan Friendly

by Drakes Brewing Company
Address: Ste 177, 1933 Davis Street
San Leandro, CA, 94577-1256
Phone: (510) 568-2739
URL: http://www.drinkdrakes.com/
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Company Email:
"Chocolate Milk Stout contains milk from Central California. Honey Wheat contains honey (Wildflower honey from Los Angeles country). Other than that, we do not use finings, such as isinglass, or any other animal products. We filter our filtered beers with diatomaceous earth, which is mined primarily from the shoreline in Lompoc, California. 85-90% of craft breweries use diatomaceous earth. Beer is made with yeast, a eukaryote, a kingdom seperate from plants, animals, and bacteria."

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