Nils Oscar - Bottles is Vegan Friendly

by Nils Oscar
Address: Fruängsgatan 2 611 31 Nyköping
Phone: +46 (0)155 - 772 80
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"The only time we use animal ingredients is when we tap our beer on cask which may be found in a few english/irish pubs. We use isinglass for them which is made out of dried and pulverised fish bladders. These are removed before we tap our beer (the beer goes trough filtering and sterilization before we tap it.) so there SHOULDN'T be any animal ingredients in the beer, but we can't say for sure that any particle hasn't slipped through, But we usually don't tap our beer on cask.

Our usual beer on bottle or keg which is available at Systembolaget doesn't use any animal ingredients during the process so you can happily keep drinking."

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