Shafer 2012 Relentless is Vegan Friendly

by Shafer Vineyards
Address: 6154 Silverado Trail
Napa, California, 94558
Phone: 707.944.2877
Fax: 707.944.9454
Checked by: Tracy
Double checked by: Phayln
Added: almost 4 years ago

Company email (August 2016):
"Shafer Vineyards uses no animal products in the production of its wines. Our wines are not manufactured or bottled anywhere else by anyone."

Note from Tracy (December 2012):
"I saw that 'Shafer' wineries wine is not on your list and just checked their website. It is indeed vegan friendly. Here's the link directly to the FAQ's page that states it's vegan friendly:"

Website states, "Are Shafer wines vegan?
Yes. At no point in production do they come in contact with any animal products."

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