Honey Lager -Seasonal is Not Vegan Friendly

by Capitol City Brewing
Address: 1100 New York Avenue Northwest,
Washington, DC
Phone: 202-628-2222
Email: mike@capcitybrew.com
URL: http://www.capcitybrew.com
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Company Email:
"Almost all the beer we brew is not only vegetarian but vegan. There are a few exceptions: all of our “Cask” ales at the Shirlington location use isinglass as a fining agent and we do make a honey lager and milk stout at times as well. Honey in the lager and lactose in the milk stout are always labeled in the description of the beer. The majority of our beer has malt, hops, yeast, and water as the ingredients and are either unfiltered or filtered through a paper based medium. If you ever have questions on a specific beer and what is in it, please email me directly and I will be glad to help you out- thanks"

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