Liverpool Organic Beer - "Honey" in name is Not Vegan Friendly

by Liverpool Organic Brewery
Address: 39 Brasenose Road
Liverpool, L20 8HL
Phone: 0151 933 9660
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Company email:
"ALL of our bottled beers are VEGAN. We do not use isinglass, or any other animal based finings in these bottled beers. At some point in the future we may produce a honeyed beer but this will be evident from the label. Our bottle conditioned beers are totally untreated natural products and they are unfiltered."

Company email:
"ALL of our cask beers are also POTENTIALLY VEGAN. We are unusual even amongst microbreweries in that we do not fine beers (with isinglass) unless requested by the pub/outlet until the point of dispatch. Most breweries fine when they rack (fill casks). The problem lies not with us by the landlord of the outlet. Fined beer will settle within 24 hours of venting, and in some circumstances a quickly as 4 hours. Un-fined beers can take 72 hours but in any event 48 and very few pubs have sufficient stillage to allow for this. Think: a busy pub with say 8 hand pumps sell normally 32 x 9’s a week, they will typically have 16 stills for one ON and one SETTLING. If they went VEGAN they would need at least 24 and more sensibly 32: This is a logistical nightmare, never mind the cost, and space requirement.

In the past year I have been asked ONCE about vegan beer for a beer festival, and beer festivals are even more complex as they usually only have 24 hours set-up time.

I sympathize with you but I also understand the commercial reality of running pubs, it’s also sad because un-fined beer has more “polish”.

The Cheshire Cheese in Wallasey Village often take our beer un-fined as do Stamps Too in Waterloo, and I offer it to all new customers but few take it up and even fewer recognize any demand for vegan cask beer.

I have recently had a visit form an American chemist who has a vegetable fining alternative, but it is twice the cost, so I don’t see any future here."

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