Montelle Winery - Other is Vegan Friendly

by Augusta Winery
Address: 5601 HIGH STREET; PO BOX 8
Augusta, MO, 63332
Phone: 888-MOR-WINE
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Company Email:
" Yes it is only used occasionally in the dry reds and nothing else. It will change from year to year with the dry reds. So Montelle would be the could be in the Cynthiana or the Chambourcin, but not every year. The only thing at Augusta's tasting room that it is currently in is the 2006 Chambourcin. The cellar master was not available to look back at the Montelle Cynthiana and Chambourcin to tell you the vintages. He also stressed that if he uses it, it is only a couple of grams per 1,000 gallons (which is 420 cases of wine!)."

"I just got a response from our cellar master. He said that they occasionally use isinglass in the Norton or Chambourcin, but not every year. He did not used it in the 2007 Norton, which is our current vintage. The last thing it was used in was the 2006 Chambourcin and very little was used. When they do use it, it is used very sparingly. He said that he just ordered a pound of it and it's been 2 years since he ordered the last pound (and that's lasted us for both the Augusta & Montelle wineries wines which we produce.)"

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