McMenamins Beer - Milk Stout is Not Vegan Friendly

by McMenamins Beer
Address: 430 N. Killingsworth
Portland, OR, 97217
Phone: (503) 223-0109
Fax: (503) 294-0837
Checked by: Megan
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Added: over 8 years ago

Company email:
"99.999% of our brews are vegan. Last year we made one beer out of roughly 3500 batches that contained honey as an ingredient and 'honey' was in the name. 2 years ago we made a batch of milk stout that contained milk sugar (lactose) in it, but again 'Milk' was in the name. Any of our standard recipes (Hammerhead, Ruby, Terminator, IPAs, or seasonal offerings) are 100% vegan. We only use Irish Moss as a clarifying agent and never filter our beer."

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