Hargreaves Hill Russian Imperial Stout is Vegan Friendly

by Hargreaves Hill Brewing Company
Address: 25 Bell Street
Yarra Glen, Victoria
Phone: +61 434 704 001
Email: http://hargreaveshill.com.au/contact-us/
URL: http://hargreaveshill.com.au/
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Added: almost 4 years ago

From Facebook (August 2014)

Q: Hello, please can you tell me if any of your beers contain animal products or derivatives from animals?

A: Hello Baron, our beers contain no animal products or associated derivatives. There are also no added preservatives, for good measure.

Followup: Hi all, thanks for the info! Can you confirm that your processing is animal-free too? (no isinglass, gelatin, etc in fining and so on)

A: I can indeed confirm that no animal-based process aids are used in the production of our beer. No gelatin, no isinglass or anything else if that ilk. Cheers!

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