SweetWater Road Trip is Vegan Friendly

by SweetWater Brewing Company
Address: 195 Ottley Dr
Atlanta, GA, 30324
Phone: 404-691-ALES
Fax: 404-214-0936
Email: feedback@sweetwaterbrew.com
URL: http://www.sweetwaterbrew.com/
Checked by: Laura
Double checked by: Chris
Added: almost 4 years ago

Company email (June 2014):
"We do not use Isinglass, we have used it in the past for casks but very rarely.
In the brewing process we do use a little Whirlfloc which I believe is from seaweed or maybe some algae. It pretty much weighs out to 10% of an ounce to a keg which has 120 beers in it.
Our beer is Centrifuged for clarity, no products required."

From a company email:
"There are no animal byproducts in our beer.. We only use water,malt, hops, and yeast. Does yeast count? Hope this helps."

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