Preston 2011 Carignane is Vegan Friendly

by Preston Vineyards
Address: 9282 W Dry Creek Rd
Healdsburg, CA, 95448
Phone: (707) 433-3372
Checked by: Valerie
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Added: about 4 years ago

Company email (May 2014):
"We don't use any of those ingredients you listed. We are bio-dynamic so we do use manure that has been composted and mixed in a water solution and sprayed on the earth to promote a healthy soil. Not sure how far back you want to go in the life cycle of the wine.
I don't quite understand the second part of your letter pertaining to sub-licensee. Only Preston of Dry Creek wines are produced here.
We do use a clay ( bentonite) to aid in filtration and stabilization of white wines."

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