House Wine (the brand) is Vegan Friendly

by Precept Wine
Address: 1910 Fairview Avenue East, Suite 400
Seattle, WA, 98102
Phone: 206.267.5252
Fax: 206-267-5251
Checked by: JD
Double checked by: Jo, A, Susan, Devin
Added: almost 6 years ago

Company email (October 2014): re: Radius Wines
"Our wines do contain animal byproducts (eggs) acquired during the fining process."

Company email (December 2013): re: Chocolate Shop Wines
"For the most part we do not use any animal bi-products in the fining of our wines but I cannot 100% guarantee that they are completely vegan friendly. I know that isn't that helpful. If we do use anything it would be egg whites."

Company email (September 2011):
"Unfortunately we cannot 100% guarantee that a wine is vegan. For most of our wines we do not use any animal ingredients during the fining process but there is no way to know 100% that we didn’t for Chocolate Shop. Also, we do use chocolate extract so there may be animal ingredients in the chocolate as well."

Company email: Re: Rainier Ridge via parent company Precept Brands:
"All of our Washington wines except for Waterbrook are vegan friendly. Some Waterbrook wines use egg whites as a fining agent."

Update: June 2009
"Any of our value wine should fit the bill for you – we use Bentonite and diatomaceous earth for fining and stabilizing, both are mineral products." (Then listed all wines which are marked as vegan-friendly)

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