Gyle 59 Toujours is Vegan Friendly

by Gyle 59
Address: Sadborow Estate Yard
Thorncombe, TA20 4PW
Phone: +44 7833 204543
Checked by: Dave
Double checked by:
Added: about 4 years ago

Note from Dave (May 2014):
"Hi, I have found out about a brewery not yet listed on Barnivore which seems to be entirely vegan/vegetarian as per their web site.
Home page states:
'We do not add Isinglass finings to our beers. This means that often the beer will appear hazy or cloudy. This is intentional as we wish to keep all the flavour and goodness in the beer. We believe this is more important than being able to see through the beer.
As we do not use Isinglass, which is made from the swim bladders of fish, our beers are suitable for anyone to enjoy whether omnivorous, vegetarian or vegan.'"

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