Lake Breeze Winemaker's Selection Shiraz is Vegan Friendly

by Lake Breeze Wines
Address: Step Road
Langhorne Creek, South Australia, 5255
Phone: +61 8 8537 3017
Fax: +61 8 8537 3267
Checked by: Danielle
Double checked by: Jaymie
Added: over 4 years ago

Company email (September 2016)

"Our wines are all vegan friendly. (I’ve attached our mail order with list of wines.)

"We take a minimal intervention approach with all of our wines, with most receiving no filtration or fining at all. With the small amount of fining undertaken we have a commitment to avoid using any animal based fining agents."

Company email (February 2014):
"Our wines are Vegan friendly, we do not use any animal products"

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