Tool Shed Star Cheek is Vegan Friendly

by Tool Shed Brewing Company
Address: 801 30 St NE
Calgary, Alberta
Phone: 403 775-1749
Fax: 888 878-0344
Checked by: Dawn
Double checked by: Blair, Company
Added: over 4 years ago
Double Checked: 9 months ago

Company email (September 2017)
"Since your post on us went up (about 4 years ago) we now have our own facility and no longer use Isinglass for any of our beers. Our cream ale (which was the only one that was filtered using Isinglass) now uses Biofine Clear and has for the last 3 years."

Note from Blair (November 2015):
"Co-owner recently was part of a panel where he was asked if their beer is vegan. He confirmed that Tool Shed is still NOT vegetarian friendly. They still use animal based finings.

"The interview can be heard here, the Q&A session is near the end."

Note from Blair (December 2014):
"I toured the brewery on December 6, 2014 where they stated that they use gelatin for filtration."

Company email (November 2013):
"Right now our Red Rage and Star Cheek do not come in contact with any animal products; our People Skills does undergo a filtration using isinglass.
This may change when we have our own production facility, so I would invite you to check back with us in the future as well!"

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