Revolution Eugene Porter is Vegan Friendly

by Revolution Brewing
Address: 2323 North Milwaukee Avenue
Chicago, IL, 60647
Phone: (773) 227-2739
Checked by: Eric
Double checked by: Nessie
Added: about 5 years ago

Company email:
"We DO use whirlfloc and to the best of our knowledge it is plant based .There is a website named that upon first glance
they have emails from pike, dark horse, and kona claiming that whirfloc is just plant matter.. Brewers Supply Group does not state either way if it is or i said, everything i find about it says it's plant-based... So I think it is... but there has been debate on it."
Note from Nessie:
"According to what I see online, whirlfloc is made from neither plant nor animal, but a protist, Irish Moss."

Company email:
"No we use a vegetarian clarifier. Our milk stout had lactose in it. "

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