Barrel Oak 2010 Merlot is Vegan Friendly

by Barrel Oak Winery
Address: 3623 Grove Ln
Delaplane, VA, 20144
Phone: (540) 364-6402
Checked by: Leslie
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Added: over 5 years ago

Note from Leslie (August 2013):
"I am a columnist for, and I write about wineries and the winery experience, since spending an afternoon at a winery with friends is a popular thing to do here in Northern Virginia. And because I am vegan, one of the things I mention in the articles is whether the wines are vegan-friendly.

I recently wrote about Barrel Oak Winery, and as part of my interview with Brian Roeder, the owner, I asked if they use animal products for fining. Brian told me that they only use bentonite, if anything. Many of their wines are not fined or filtered at all."

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