Lyme Bay Christmas Mead is Not Vegan Friendly

by Lyme Bay Winery
Address: Shute
Axminster, Devon, EX13 7PW
Phone: 01297 551355
Checked by: Sid
Double checked by: Eric, Ian
Added: about 5 years ago

Company email (June 2016) re Highland Wineries Moniack Mead:

[Q: Is Moniack Mead suitable for vegetarians?] "It is indeed!" [But still contains honey]

Company email (July 2013):
"Thank you for your enquiry, all of our Lyme Bay products are suitable for Vegans with the exception of our cream liqueurs and our meads. As for the Otter Ale products it is probably best if you contact them or maybe have a look at their website as we are unsure of their exact contents"

Company email:
"Below I have compiled you a list of products NOT suitable for Vegans.

Mead Wine (all of them)
Cherry Wine

Whisky Mead
Cherry Brandy
Cream Liqueurs (all of them)

Lemon Curd

And everything else you see in our range is suitable for Vegans."

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