The Balvenie DoubleWood is Vegan Friendly

by The Balvenie
Address: Balvenie Maltings
Dufftown, AB55 4BB
Phone: +44 (0) 1340 822 210
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Added: almost 5 years ago

Company email (June 2013):
"Please find attached the SWA stance on vegetarian/vegan
status of Scotch whisky as a whole.
Our position is that, our whisky is produced in a vegetarian and vegan friendly way. However, it must be noted that as we often use sherry or port casks to mature our whisky, there may be a possibility to find slight traces of animal derived findings that have come from Sherry and Port producers before the casks came to us. The Balvenie Single Barrel 12yo or 15yo as well as The Balvenie 14yo Caribbean Cask do not use any sherry or port casks so can be safely considered vegan."

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