Whitecliff Rose is Vegan Friendly

by Whitecliff Vineyard & Winery
Address: 331 Mckinstry Road
Gardiner, NY, 12525
Phone: (845) 255-4613
Email: http://www.whitecliffwine.com/visit-tab/contact.html
URL: http://www.whitecliffwine.com
Checked by: Company contacted us!
Double checked by: Yvonne
Added: almost 7 years ago

Note from Yvonne (September 2013):
"We DID get to visit WhiteCliff wineries, which I noticed is already listed on your site, and the owner gave us the same information that is on your site -- that all their reds are vegan and a few of their whites are. (The owner's son, who works for his parents' business, is vegan!) I especially enjoyed their delicious Mountain Laurel White."

Company email (June 2013):
"Both the Steel Chardonnay and the Reserve Chardonnay are vegan but the Sheer is not (egg whites)."

Company email (May 2013):
"We're moving slowly towards making all our wines vegan, but right now we've got all of our reds vegan and from our whites the Traminitte, Rose, Chardonnay and Mountain Laurel Blend."

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