Forked River Capital Blonde Ale is Vegan Friendly

by Forked River Brewing Company
Address: 45 Pacific Court, Unit 16/17
London, ON, N5V 3N4
Phone: +1 519-630-4756
Checked by: Sarah
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Added: about 7 years ago

Company email (May 2013):
"We don't currently use any animal products (other than yeast) in our beer. Ingredients for our year-round offerings are barley malt, wheat malt, filtered water, hops, and yeast. We also do not process the beer post-fermentation so no fining agents (like isinglass), pasteurization, or filtration.

Other additions to our beers in the future (as I can't predict what we might brew in the future) will be clearly labelled although I don't foresee us using any animal products. We aim to produce a natural, living product using traditional methods."

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