Phillips Phoenix Gold is Vegan Friendly

by Phillips Brewing
Address: 2010 Government Street
Victoria, BC, V8T4P1
Phone: 250-380-1912
Checked by: Denyce
Double checked by: Bruce
Added: about 5 years ago

Company email (July 2011)
"You are correct. [standard vegan questions asked] No fish bladders or dairy around here my man." [Note from Barnivore, they didn't address the Longboat Porter (see below) which is still in production so we're keeping the overall status unchanged.]

Company email:
"Thanks for the interest in our beer. They are vegan friendly, we don't use any filtration products that contain animal products. One exception is the Longboat porter, we use cocoa which states it may contain milk ingredients, so best to ere on the side of caution. I hope this helps."

Note from Denyce:
"The Longboat Porter contains cocoa which claims it "may contain" milk ingredients - without seeing the package it's hard to tell if this is the usual legal protection from a factory that also uses milk products on the line or if they really don't know what's in their stuff, but kudos to Phillips for being thorough."

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