EIEIO Swine Wine Pinot Noir is Vegan Friendly

by EIEIO & Company, Ltd.
Address: Post Office Box 490, 105 W. Main St.
Carlton, Oregon, 97111
Phone: 503.852.6733
Email: info@OnHisFarm.com
URL: http://www.onhisfarm.com/
Checked by: Mario
Double checked by: Jason
Added: about 7 years ago
Double Checked: over 2 years ago

Company email (March 2018)
"No animal pieces, parts or fluids are used in EIEIO wines as an addition."

Company email (March 2013):
"No fining whatsoever on the wines so you are good to go.

But everyone should be aware that when you make barrels, the seal between the heads and the staves is done with a reed from the cattail plant (typha latifolia) and a wheat paste. So those celiacs might have a reaction as the ratio is around three parts per billion..."

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