Weird Beard Fade to Black is Vegan Friendly

by Weird Beard Brew Co
Address: Unit 5, Boston Business Park, Trumpers way
Hanwell, London, W7 2QA
Phone: 0203 645 2711
Checked by: Spud
Double checked by: Emma
Added: about 5 years ago

Company email (May 2015):
"All our beers are vegetarian friendly (we do not use finings, gelatine...etc) and most of them are vegan with the exception of those few brews with lactose and honey in them. This is more for producing certain styles like our milk-stouts. So of our core and occasional brews, the vegan friendly ones are: Faceless Spreadsheet Ninja, Mariana Trench, Hit The Lights, Five O’Clock Shadow, Decadence Stout, K*ntish Town Beard, Holy Hoppin’ Hell, Fade to Black, Boring Brown Beer, Out of Office and Heaven and Hell.

We are predominantly vegan so are happy we can provide tasty beer for people who feel strongly in that domain. I am vegetarian myself and have been vegan also, so am proud to work here knowing the beers are delicious, well-made and do not cause harm to animals."

Company email (April 2013):
"We consider ourselves Vegan friendly...however.
We have used Lactose (milk sugar) in our coffee milk stout. We may use honey in the future but not in any current beers.
We do not use isinglass or gelatine in our cask beer.

We do not have out beer made anywhere else."

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