Migration Lupulin IPA is Vegan Friendly

by Migration Brewing Co.
Address: 2828 NE Glisan Street
Portland, OR
Phone: 503.206.5221
Email: info@migrationbrewing.com
URL: http://migrationbrewing.com/
Checked by: Tiffany
Double checked by: Sarah
Added: about 5 years ago

Company email (April 2013):
"Migration beer does not contain any of the above listed items, or any other animal products. We do not generally speaking use clearing agents in any of our beer, in the very rare occasion we do use them, they are animal product free."

Company email:
"I am happy to tell you our beers are completely free of all animal products. At times they may have a slightest haze due to us not using clearing agents such as gelatin, but 99.9% of the time they will be clear clean and beautiful and safe for you to drink."

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