Hop Back Spring Zing is Not Vegan Friendly

by Hop Back Brewery
Address: Batten Road Industrial Estate, Units 21-24
Downton, Salisbury, SP5 3HU
Phone: 44 (0)1725 510986
Email: info@hopback.co.uk
URL: http://www.hopback.co.uk
Checked by: Kevin M
Double checked by: Bones
Added: about 9 years ago

Company Email:
"Entire Stout which recently won Supreme beer at the Winter Fest, is without any animal or fish-based ingredients such as isinglass and therefore qualifies as a vegan beer."

Company Email:
"All our beers in both cask and bottles contain Isinglass finings except our Entire Stout which is suitable for Vegans. Our Entire Stout is supplied in cask and bottles."

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