St. James Reds (except Country Red) is Vegan Friendly

by St. James Winery
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St James, MO, 65559
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Checked by: Marlene
Double checked by: Dana
Added: almost 7 years ago

Company email (December 2012):
"Our White wines can have isinglass and gelatin but it depends on the harvest and the season.

I prefer to answer these questions on a wine by wine basis.

As for the red wines - all our red wines except for the Country Red are vegan friendly.

I would add that the wines are all filtered and there are none of the aforementioned products in the wine once this process is complete – so it would depend on the stance of a particular vegan. Is it the exploitation of animals or is it a health choice – as this will determine whether they choose to drink most white wines on the market as a large number use gelatin – isinglas - eggs etc….We do not use eggs.

Either way the choice is up to the individual – I would add that I am a vegetarian/vegan and am more than willing to answer any questions that people have."

Company email:
"The fruit wines are fine. I would however advise you that the Catawba has gelatin, and from time to time we use some in the Concord as well."

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