Mill Street Cobblestone Stout is Vegan Friendly

by Mill Street Brewery
Address: 125 Bermondsey Rd
Toronto, Ontario, M4A 1X3
Phone: 416-681-0338
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Company email (April 2018)
"All of the beers and spirits that you cite below are all vegan-friendly. In fact we don’t use any animal-derived ingredients or processing aids in any of our products with only a couple of exceptions and they are called out in their names (Apiary Ale for the Royal York Hotel uses honey from their rooftop hives and our milkshake IPA (also private label and very limited distribution) uses lactose). Otherwise you are good to go. Even the cane sugar in the Lemon Tea Beer or any sugar additions in our spirits are organic cane and so they are not processed with bone char like conventionally refined cane sugar."

Company email (February 2018)
"We use no animal ingredients or processing aids in our beers except in very rare instances where we call out the ingredients (two beers, one is a milkshake IPA using lactose and one is a honey beer made with honey and both are only sold on tap in limited locations. None of our core brands contain animal products and none of our small pack (bottles or cans) products contain them either. All of our production is controlled by us and is made to our standards here so there is no risk of animal product ingredients or processing aids contaminating our beers."

Company email (November 2012):
"Thanks for the kind words--our Cobblestone is something that we are all very proud of as brewers and the project to get it into Nitrogen-charged cans has been a focus of many of us for the past year so I'm very pleased that you like it! All Mill Street beers are vegan friendly and we never use isinglass so you are totally good to go with our Cobblestone. The only exception that we make regularly is our Royal York Stinger Honey Ale that we make exclusively for sale in the bars at the Royal York using the honey that they produce on the roof of the hotel. The word honey is in the name so we think that is enough of a heads up to vegans out there and it isn't in wide distribution (only in their three bars)."

Company email: Sept 2010
"None of our beers use animal ingredients or animal-based processing aids. They are all vegan-friendly. Our products are not made of exclusively Ontario sourced ingredients, but the bulk of what we use is Canadian sourced and we are moving toward finding more and more of it as close to home as we can."

Company email: April 2009

We do not use animal by-products in the manufacture or processing of our beers.

There is one exception which is our Milk Stout available only at our pub that contains milk-derived lactose sugar--this beer is a seasonal specialty that is currently available and won't be around for more than another month or so. We named it "Milk Stout" on purpose so that it sends a very clear message to both vegans and those with lactose intolerance that it contains a milk product.

We do not use isinglass or gelatin in our cask beers--we do this intentionally so that they are vegan-friendly. I don't know of any other breweries who produce vegan-friendly cask conditioned beer other than Mill Street.

Company email: April 2009
"Our Barley Wine is released annually in November.
It does not contain honey but does have some honeyish flavours from
the residual malt sugars"

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