Williams Bros. March of the Penguins (cask) is Not Vegan Friendly

by Williams Bros. Brewing Co.
Address: New Alloa Brewery
Kelliebank, Alloa, FK10 1NU
Phone: 01259 725511
Email: info@williamsbrosbrew.com
URL: http://www.williamsbrosbrew.com
Checked by: Craig
Double checked by: Jukka, andrew, angela, Bones, Jiri, Sam, Mitsu
Added: almost 7 years ago

Company email (May 2019)re: Marshall beers
"There is no isinglass or any animal products used in the production of the Marshall beers (packaged and keg). There is one proviso to this, in that the brewery does handle and use isinglass for other customers products that we produce and also in our cask beers."

Company email (October 2014):
"There is no change to our listing. Our bottles and kegs are still fine, casks are generally fined with Isinglass unless requested otherwise, there are vegan outlets in Glasgow we send unfined casks to (The 78, Kelvinhaugh St, Glasgow). We produce all the beer ourselves.
Our May Bee & The Honey Thief both contain honey and so are not suitable for vegans in any format."

Note from Bones (October 2012):
Seeing Jiri's update on the site I checked with the brewery and their response was:
"Our bottles and and keg products are currently (vegan-friendly), cask can be if requested unfined. All will be when we get our new bits of kit."

Note from Jiri (June 2012):
"I believe that they have made the switch now, I'm quoting from the "Brewing Process" section on their current website (http://www.williamsbrosbrew.com/brewhouse/brewing-process): "Cold Tank (C.T.): Beer is then transferred into C.T., and the temperature is brought down. Finings are added to the beer to help it clear, we use a vegan friendly fining." [YAY!]

Company Email: June 2011
"All our products are brewed by us on site, no cukoo brewing from us. All our bottled & kegged products are Vegan friendly and we have plans to move our cask ales to be the same, however at the moment the cask ales still use Isinglass."

Company Email: Feb 2011
"We only use isinglass finning's in our cask ales, our bottled beers are 100% vegan friendly.
We are looking into making our cask ales vegan friendly also, however currently they are not.
We are going to be Kegging some of our beers soon too, this will be vegan friendly from the start."

Company Email: Feb 2011
"There are actually NO animal products used in our ales during the brewing, filtering and finning process.
We have found finnings that are Vegan friendly and actually do the job even better than Isinglass.

This is true for our bottles and will be for kegs once we have our kegger in action, however for our cask ales (handpull ales) we are still currently using Isinglass for the time being."

Company Email: January 2010
"Yes our bottled ales are Vegan/Vegitarian friendly, we only use
Isinglass as finnings in our cask ales.

Company Email:
"ll our current bottled beers are considered Vegan/Vegatarian friendly.
Our beers are filtered with diatonite, which is a kind of clay.
Only our cask ales use Isinglass for finnings."

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