People's Pint Farmer Brown is Vegan Friendly

by The People's Pint Brewery
Address: 76 Hope Street
Greenfield, MA
Phone: 413-773-0400?
Checked by: Saralyn
Double checked by: Company Contacted US!
Added: about 6 years ago

Company Email:
"Since Saralyn contacted me a year or two ago regarding whether or not our beers were vegan we have moved away from using Isinglass finings (fish product) in any of our beers. We now use NO animal products in any of our year round beers and the only not vegan friendly ingredient we use is honey in our Summer Honey Wheat (summer seasonal) as well as in our Slippery Slope Braggot (fall/ winter seasonal).

Please update your website with this new information so that your friends know we have made a change for the vegan friendly.

Thanks and keep up the good work,"

Company Email:
"Our beers are unfiltered and unpasteurized, however, in order to increase yeast flocculation (percentage of yeast that drop out of suspension) we use Isinglass finings. These finings are made from the swim bladders of certain types of fish. Since we use these in pretty much every beer, I do not believe that any of them are officially classifiable as vegan. The only beer that we do not use finings in is our Shwheat (Summer Honey Wheat) Ale, but we do add honey to it which I have heard is not considered vegan friendly to some vegans. The finings are insoluble therefore they do not make it into end product."

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