Primátor Stout is Vegan Friendly

by Primátor
Address: Primátor as, Dobrošovská 130
N, 547 40
Czech Republic
Phone: +420 491 407 111
Fax: +420 491 407 271
Checked by: Jano
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Added: almost 8 years ago

Note from Jano (September 2012):
"And here goes the list of their other brands:

Primátor Weizenbier (the very reason why i contacted the brewery :O)
Primátor Stout
Primátor English Pale Ale
Primátor 24% DOUBLE
Primátor 21% Rytířský
Primátor 13% Polotmavý
HRON světlý ležák

Company email (September 2012):
[Translation]: "We are glad to see our consumers communicating the quality of Primátor beer. All Primátor beers are made of high-quality water, malt, and hops only. Using these raw materials, the brewer produces wort, which is then transformed by brewer's yeast into beer. Brewer's yeast is the only animal product used (***), without it the beer cannot be made. We don't use any of the the animal produts you listed in the production. Further, we are sending you the characteristics of all 15 kinds of Primátor beer, recipes with Primátor beer, along with recommendation of specific kinds of Primátor beers to drink with specific meals to achieve an interesting gustative experience."

(***) i believe this is a misunderstanding - brewer's yeast itself is not an animal product. Maybe it can be grown on some animal product, but i'm convinced that's not the case here. To be sure, i sent an email with explanation. If i receive any hint the yeast is not grown on plant products only, i will let you know.

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