Daily's Cocktails (non-alcoholic) is Not Vegan Friendly

by Daily's Cocktails
Address: 1 Daily Way
Verona, PA, 15147
Phone: 412-828-9020
Email: http://dailyscocktails.com/connect-with-us
URL: http://dailyscocktails.com/
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Added: almost 6 years ago

Company email (August 2012):
"We are happy to report that most of our products are vegan. The only exceptions are our Non-alcoholic Pina Colada Mix, Non-alcoholic Sweet and Sour Mix, and our Non-alcoholic Margarita Mix, which do contain milk product. We are also kosher certified, so we follow strict washing procedures to ensure no cross contamination in our lines. All of our Ready-To-Drink products with alcohol already in them are vegan-friendly."

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