Big Choice Type III IPA is Vegan Friendly

by Big Choice Brewing
Address: 7270 West 118th Place
Broomfield, CO, 80020
Phone: (303) 469-2616
Checked by: Mandy
Double checked by: Company
Added: almost 6 years ago
Double Checked: almost 3 years ago

Company email (May 2015):
"...we have changed our clarifying agents to all Vegan friendly.

"We do have two beers that have honey in the recipe, so unfortunately those will remain in the not friendly category. Those are our ApreShred Winter ale (and all variations—bottled, canned and draft) and our 10,000 Summers Saison (also in all variations—bottle, canned and draft). Since these use honey, we understand they are not Vegan friendly.

"All of our other beer choices are 100% Vegan friendly. As a Vegan friendly kettle clarifying agent, we use Whirlfloc G, which is a modern granular kettle fining agent derived from Euchema cottonii. Added 10-20 minutes prior to the end of boil it gives excellent wort clarity, improved beer clarity post conditioning and enhanced colloidal stability of the finished beer. The Vegan friendly secondary clarifying agents we use is called BioFine CL, which is a purified colloidal solution of silicic acid, (SiO2), in water that has been specifically formulated for the rapid sedimentation of yeast and other haze forming particles in beer. Both of these are Vegan friendly."

Company email (July 2012):
"unfortunately they are not. Our Saison uses locally produced honey, and we use a collagen-based ingredient to clarify the finished beer. Thanks for asking though!"

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