Ten Bears 2010 Grand Valley Sparkling Dry Riesling is Vegan Friendly

by Ten Bears Winery
Address: 5215 Ten Bears Ct.
Laporte, CO, 80535
Phone: (970)566-4043
Email: tenbearswinery@hotmail.com
URL: http://tenbearswinery.com/
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Company email (July 2012):
"At Ten Bears winery all of our wines are unfiltered and unfined, which means we do not add chitin, isinglass, gelatins or other protiens as settling agents. we rely on natural settling to perfect the clarity of our wines during our lenghty aging process. We do outsource some of our wines for our blends, but I personally visit each vineyard that we source from to verify that they do not use fining agents (settling protiens) in their process either.

However, for the tasting, we do pair our wines with foods that do include various cheeses, beef, and turkey. If you would like I can make a seperate hors d'ourvre set for you, which will not have any animal products, if you desire."

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