Grimm Brothers Master Thief is Vegan Friendly

by Grimm Brothers Brewhouse
Address: 623 Denver Ave.
Loveland, CO, 80538
Phone: (970) 624-6045
Checked by: Mandy
Double checked by: Mandy
Added: almost 6 years ago

Note from Mandy (July 2012):
"I contacted Grimm Brothers about a year ago regarding their ingredients and thought I would forward you the info as well, as I see Grimm Brothers isn't on your list. I talked with them in person in May 2012 and they again confirmed the below info."

Company email (June 2011):
"Our fining agent is called bio-fine it is a non animal based natural clarifying agent.
The only beer which contains anything besides barley, hops, water, and yeast is Snow Drop and Magic Mirror which contains honey and molasses.
Everything else should be good as far as I know."

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