Ascot Ales has some vegan options

Address: Unit 5 Compton Place Business Centre Surrey Avenue
Camberley, Surrey, GU15 3DX
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Products by Ascot Ales:

Comapany Email:
"Just had a quick look at your website, can you just change Anastasia's Imperial Stout Bottle to vegan friendly."

Company Email:
"With regards to our cask beers all our ales with the exception of Anastasia's Exile Stout and Anastasia's Imperial Stout have the addition of isinglass finings prior to being sent to pubs for draught.

With regards to our bottle conditioned beers these do not contain any animal products or additions therefore the following ales in bottle would be considered vegan friendly:-
Posh Pooch 4.2%
Alligator Ale 4.6%
Anastasia's Exile Stout 5%
Anastasia's Imperial Stout 8%

We also use 5L minicasks for the bottled beers above and some of our seasonals and again these would not contain any animal products or additions.'