Bowen Island Brewing has some vegan options

Address: Bowen Island, BC
Phone: 1-888-495-2327
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Products by Bowen Island Brewing:

Company Email:
"Regarding our Honey Brown Lager: Yes, we do use real BC honey in our Honey Lager Recipe. In keeping with our philosophy of "All BC owned - All BC brewed" we buy our honey from a small family apiary (bee farm) owned by Mr. Ian Farber of Westside Apiaries in the BC interior."

Company Email:
"We sometimes get questions about the ingredients in our beers; mostly because people wonder how we can make such a great product at such a fair price. Your email, however is the first one I've had regarding the use of animal by-products in our produciton processes. Since your email, I have spoke with our Brewmaster and confirm that we do not use isinglass ( a fish by-product, I have learned) or gelatin ( a cow by-product) to aid filtration of our beers. Our beers are filtered in two stages using dense fiber and paperboard filter pads to trap the yeast cells and to give our beers the desired clarity. As far as ingredients are concerned, we use 100% 2-row Canadian barley and we do not use any adjuncts, or any preservatives, or artificial additives. We do not use any corn or other barley substitutes at all. Our beer is brewed to the German purity standards of 1516 and, because we are a 100% natural product, we do not have an ingredient list. Pure barley malt, hops, water and brewers yeast."