Innis & Gunn Brewing is vegan friendly

Address: 24 Canning Street
Edinburgh, EH3 8EG
Phone: 0131 272 2782
Checked by: Dino
Double checked by: Ian, Erynn
Added: over 8 years ago
Double Checked: almost 6 years ago

Products by Innis & Gunn Brewing:

Company email:
"In response to your question I can confirm that we do not use any animal ingredients nor do we use animal products in the filtration process. All brewing of Innis & Gunn takes place in one brewery so production is uniform across the board."

Company email:
"I am pleased to tell you that our beers are indeed vegan friendly. "

Company email:
"No animal bi-products are used in the processing or filtration and no animal products are used in the recipe."